Mini-Computer Add-ons Based on Raspberry Pi Compute Module

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Description: Compute Module Mini-computer.

NOTE: CM3 / CM3L / CM3+ / CM3+L Required!

The add-ons include: expansion board, metal case, power supply, and cooling fan. easily make a mini-computer if you happen to get a compute module Ideal choice for Raspberry Pi Compute Module, either study / evaluation, or industrial applications.

Comes with PoE Expansion Board. Compute Module PoE Board: dual CSI camera ports, PoE (Power over Ethernet) feature, versatile peripheral interfaces. Ingenious cut-out, highly matching the master board, along with clear labels, easy to use. Comes with cooling fan, allows being controlled by software via GPIO, or being powered directly from 5V supply. Smooth and clean metal bottom surface, with mounting holes on both sides, suitable for industrial applications


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